Sunday Mornings

We gather as a community of faith to seek deeper meaning and greater understanding in our everyday lives. Together, we explore faith, nurture community, and serve the world.


What To Expect When You Visit 

Grab a cup of coffee, pick up a bulletin, and gradually settle in. You will see all people from all walks of life in our community. Worship services often contain interactive elements, so our pews are set up in a semi-circle. There are chairs along the back walls for those who prefer a bit more support. One area includes tables with art supplies and books for parents and children.

Our Sunday mornings follow the pattern of traditional Presbyterian worship with a bit of a twist: gathering as a community, listening to the stories of our faith, connecting ancient wisdom with everyday life, sharing joys and concerns in our prayers, and blessing one another on the journey. We blend music from a wide range of cultures and traditions with prayers and readings that invite us to tell the truth about our lives and fully engage with this world we share.

We value participation over excellence, and you may always choose how and how much you want to participate. Some people come with partners and children, others come on their own. Some of our children are audible during the service (we do have a handful of vigorous origami folders). Some are quiet. Some kids (and grownups) need to move around during the service. We invite you to come as you are.

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Children in Worship

Worship begins with a gathering reading, a prayer, and a hymn. Next, kids are invited to join our pastor for a story (or they are welcome to stay with family). After that, kids may return to the children’s area or sit with their families. Those who are under five may go play in the nursery at any time.



As a Presbyterian Church, we practice open communion: all are welcome at the table. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month at 10 a.m. worship. Through ordinary bread and wine, we remember that God is always present with us. We offer gluten-free bread as well as grape juice and wine.